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​Multi Annual National Control Plan

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The purpose of the Multi-Annual National Control Plan (MANCP) is to demonstrate that effective control systems are in place for monitoring and enforcing:

  • Feed and food law
  • Animal health and animal welfare regulations
  • Plant health law

The MANCP includes information about the roles and responsibilities of the various competent authorities involved in monitoring compliance and enforcement.

It includes an overview of how authorities and other bodies work together to:

  • Safeguard public, animal and plant health
  • Protect consumers
  • Promote animal welfare

It is a European Commission requirement that all member states have a national control plan. The plan provides the basis of assessments of the performance of the UK's national control systems by the European Commission's inspection services.

Progress on implementation of the MANCP is continually monitored and annual reports are prepared and submitted to the European Commission.

The MANCP is produced by the FSA with contributions provided by:

  • Defra and its agencies
  • Food Standards Scotland
  • Department of Health and Social Care
  • Health and Safety Executive’s Chemicals Regulation Directorate
  • Scottish Government Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities
  • Welsh Government Natural Resources
  • Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland