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Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have been working jointly since 2016 in reviewing the withdrawal and recall systems in the UK, identifying improvements and delivering on those improvements.  Outcomes for improvement were agreed by the FSS and FSA Boards at the end of 2017.

Throughout 2018, multi-stakeholder working groups have been working to deliver the agreed outcomes.  Led by FSA/FSS, and including representatives from the food industry, enforcement authorities and consumer, allergy and patient support organisations, they have developed guidance and tools to help food businesses carry out food safety withdrawals and recalls with greater ease and effectiveness.

The newly developed ‘Guidance on Food Traceability, Withdrawals and Recalls within the UK Food Industry’ explains what the law requires, how to comply with the law and also includes best practice guidance.  The guidance also provides advice and best practice on:

  • traceability systems  
  • making a decision and carrying out a withdrawal or recall  
  • roles and responsibilities
  • how to inform consumers of a food recall 

Below you will find the guidance along with editable documents that will help when carrying out a recall.

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