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Statement from FSS’s Chief Executive, Geoff Ogle, on the Russell Hume incident

Food Standards Scotland is working with the Food Standards Agency on an investigation in relation to Russell Hume. The investigation relates to allegations of non-compliance with food hygiene regulations, including an allegation that ‘use by’ dates on some meat products supplied by the company have been extended. The purpose of the investigation is to establish the facts.

Food Standards Scotland’s role is to ensure consumer protection and food safety. In light of the allegations, we therefore took immediate and proportionate enforcement action from the Scottish site. This was done on 17 January to protect consumers and ensure food safety. We are satisfied that food businesses in Scotland have withdrawn all relevant products from the market.

Whilst we fully appreciate the concern this issue is causing, we are not aware of people becoming unwell from eating Russell Hume meat. Our role in this case is to investigate alleged non-compliance with hygiene regulations. We and the Food Standards Agency continue to gather evidence and are unable to give more information at this time.

Food Standards Agency's update on Russell Hume