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Smoked Fish and Fresh Produce: Food Standards Scotland has published two updated tools to help food businesses make safer food

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has published two updated online tools, one to help fresh produce growers assess their produce growing practices; the other to help smoked fish manufacturers assess their fish smoking practices.

Each tool has a number of quick, multiple choice, industry specific assessments; as well as a large collection of resource pages and handy glossaries.

Click here to try the Safe Smoked Fish Tool

Click here to try the Fresh Produce Tool


Both tools were published around 2015, used the most recent scientific evidence and legal regulations, and were designed to help relevant food business operators to assess their specific working environment, and provide clear and objective advice to reduce the risk of microbiological contamination of their products. At the time, these tools were welcomed by industry and local authorities as providing a concise, web-based resource for providing guidance on the safe production of their products.

However, after seven years, there was a need to update the guidance, to encompass new evidence, regulatory changes and add further information that has been requested from industry.

FSS is pleased to announce that after a period of thorough technical review, and stakeholder consultation, the tool has been republished, with a new user friendly interface.
Both tools are completely anonymous and completely free; give them a try and see where your practices stand.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please contact

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