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See woo cash & carry & see woo restaurant withdraws a number of products due to a packaging error resulting in incorrect allergen information

Ref: D (Scotland) 2016

Allergens:  Wheat (gluten), Barley (gluten), Milk (lactose), Celery, , Fish, Molluscs (oyster) and Soya.

Product: Variety of Products

Risk: Packaging error resulting in incorrect allergen information being declared on products.  This poses a public health risk to those who are allergic or intolerant to any of the undeclared allergens.  The undeclared allergens are wheat (gluten), barley (gluten), milk (lactose), celery, fish, molluscs (oyster) and soya.  

Product Identification:

Duck Web with Oyster Sauce 500g
Spicy Pork with Preserved Vegetables 600g
Pork Ribs with Sliced Pineapple 600g
Fried Pork Belly Sichuan Style 500g
Half Spicy Chicken 1 half chcken
Aromatic Pig Ear 200g
Aromatic Duck Wing 250g
Braised Beef Flank in Spicy Sauce 400g
Hot and Spicy Pig Stomach 200g
Hot and Spicy Beef Stomach 250g
Aromatic Chicken Liver 600g


Use by: up to and including 23 January 2016

Action taken by the Company:

The company has removed the remaining product from sale .  Customer notices will be displayed in store[s] to alert consumers to the reasons for the withdrawal and to explain the actions they can take if they have purchased this product.  In addition, the company has been asked to contact the relevant allergy support organisations who will inform their at-risk members of the withdrawal.  

No other See Woo products are known to be affected

Advice to consumers:

Customers with an allergy to wheat or barley or intolerance to gluten and/ or an allergy or intolerance to milk or its constituents and/ or an allergy to celery, fish, molluscs or soya, are advised not to eat this product but to return it to the retailer where you purchased the product.