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Food Standards Scotland responds to the UK Government’s Healthier Lives Policy

Ross Finnie, Chair of Food Standards Scotland, said:

“Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has been to the fore in championing measures to tackle obesity and contributed to the Scottish Government’s Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan. 

“FSS recognised that the tools to address obesity rest at both Holyrood and Westminster and so welcomes today’s announcement by the Westminster Government of its Healthier Lives Policy which will both complement and augment the Scottish measures designed to tackle the obesity crisis.

“We have long advocated restrictions on advertising of food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar.  We welcome restrictions on promotions, not only in terms of volume, but also on price and we welcome the requirement for calorie labelling on Out of Home eating, but can see no logic in restricting the requirement to large operators.

“No single measure will solve the obesity problem that exists throughout the UK and it is important therefore that this huge problem is addressed in a co-ordinated way by both the Westminster and Devolved Administrations.”

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