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Food Standards Scotland promotes healthy eating at this year’s Taste of Grampian

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has a greater presence at this year’s Taste of Grampian (3 June 2017) promoting healthy eating across three stands.

61% of people in Scotland know that we need to do something to eat more healthily, and 79%* of us know that we have to make significant changes to what we eat to be healthier.

Visitors can take our ‘Calorie Countdown’ challenge, exploring calorie density and energy expenditure by hopping on a bike and finding out how long it takes to work off the calories in a jelly baby.

FSS has also teamed up with Taste of Grampian organisers and caterers to create a ‘food charter’. Caterers have signed up to include healthier options on their menus at this year’s event, encouraging visitors to consider what makes a healthy balanced diet.

Elspeth Macdonald, Deputy Chief Executive at Food Standards Scotland said: “The food charter is a positive step towards making healthier choices available at Taste of Grampian. We know that at times it can be difficult to find the healthy option when eating out.

“The food environment outside of the home has a vital role to play in helping people in Scotland have access to the information and options they need to make healthier choices.”

At our indoor stand, ‘Balance your Basket’ returns for another year, an interactive game which compliments the Eatwell Guide by asking attendees to scan food items and learn what makes a healthy balanced diet. Families can also learn first-hand about the dangers of food bugs and the importance of healthy eating at our education stand by playing ‘Cookin’ Castle’ and the ‘Interactive Eatwell Guide’.

Taste of Grampian also plays host to the EatSafe awards, providing recognition for Aberdeenshire businesses which have demonstrated the highest standard of food hygiene. The EatSafe awards are implemented in partnership with local authorities, and will be presented by Elspeth Macdonald, Belinda Miller from Aberdeenshire Council and Cllr William Howatson, Provost of Aberdeenshire.

Elspeth Macdonald said: “The EatSafe awards are an excellent opportunity to recognise businesses who demonstrate a commitment to food safety and hygiene. Since the EatsSafe awards were introduced, we have presented over 1,400 awards across Scotland, with another 10 awards being given out this weekend. It’s an honour to present these awards, and the recipients are very worthy winners.”

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