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Food Standards Scotland announces winner of ‘Munch that Lunch’ schools competition

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has today (24 June 2017) announced P4/5 pupil, Ruby Geddes (10), from Macduff Primary as the winner of its ‘Munch that Lunch’ primary schools competition.

School children from P4 to P7 in Scotland were invited to design a healthy, balanced and creative lunch box based on healthy eating advice set out in the Eatwell Guide.

Ruby was picked as the winner by celebrity judge Craig Wilson, the Kilted Chef, from more than 400 entries from 70 schools across Scotland. Part of the prize was for Ruby and her family to be treated to an all-expenses paid trip to the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh today.

Ruby and her family received a VIP tour of the FSS stand: meeting the organisation’s mascot, Millie Moo, exploring the new interactive UV food safety kitchen, playing in the digital games pod and racing against each other on the calorie countdown bikes. Ruby’s class also received vouchers for school resources to support their healthy eating, food safety and physical activities.

The Kilted Chef, Craig Wilson said: “Each entry was brilliant and so well thought-out. However Ruby’s design really made me smile. With so much colour and vibrancy on the entry form, her fun and creative lunchbox won me over, showing that you can still have fun with food while eating healthily.”

Macduff Primary Head Teacher, Tristan Walker congratulated Ruby on winning the prize: “FSS’s competition was met with much enthusiasm throughout the school, with all of our P4 to P7 pupils getting stuck in to produce some fantastic entries. It was great to see the children being so creative with healthy food, which we try to encourage as much as possible.

“Ruby and her whole class were ecstatic to learn that the winner was chosen from our school. I’m sure she will enjoy her trip to the Royal Highland Show with her family, and we would like to thank Food Standards Scotland for their generosity.”

Food Standards Scotland’s Head of Nutrition, Science and Policy, Heather Peace, said: “A big well done to all the schools across Scotland who took part in our ‘Munch that Lunch’ competition. It certainly wasn’t an easy task narrowing down the hundreds of great entries but Ruby’s design ticked all of the boxes – most importantly its effective use of the Eatwell Guide principles - and really stood out to our panel. 

“A healthy balanced diet is key to improving Scotland’s health, and education from a young age is crucial to help improve our future. We hope that the competition gave teachers and pupils the chance to talk about healthy eating in the classroom and above all, illustrates that healthy food doesn’t mean dull food.”

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