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Food Standards Scotland and the Food Standards Agency Update on the UK-wide Review into Meat Cutting Plants and Cold Stores

Phase One of the UK-wide review into meat cutting plants and cold stores launched by Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in March is now complete.

Phase One includes:

  • an analysis of the current state of this part of the industry
  • a comparison of arrangements in place across the four countries involved (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England); and
  • identification of potential emerging areas for improvement.

Key findings from this phase form part of an update on options for improvement which will be provided to both FSS and the FSA Boards, and will be discussed at the FSS’s next public Board meeting in August.

As part of both organisations’ commitments to open policy development, this paper has been published and is accessible here.

The review has now moved to Phase Two where we will carry out more detailed work to identify and assess options for improvement, develop recommendations, and a plan outlining how they could be delivered.

The final report and recommendations will be published in September 2018.