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Board Meeting 15 June 2015

The Food Standards Scotland Board held its second meeting in public on Monday 15 June, at which it received and discussed an insightful presentation from Kantar Worldwide presentation on the emerging trends and motivations underlying consumers’ food purchases. The Board went on to discuss in detail a proposed approach to developing the FSS’s long-term strategy to achieve its vision to create a food and drink environment in Scotland that benefits, protects and is trusted by consumers. The discussion ranged from the values and principles that should underpin the strategy to the identification of outcomes that would deliver the vision.  An update on the development of the FSS strategy will be presented at the Board’s next public meeting in September.

In addition, following an informative presentation on the importance of tackling Campylobacter in Scotland and the progress made so far, the Board agreed that this should be a strategic priority for FSS on which it should take a lead co-ordinating role in Scotland, and that it should work with the FSA to agree on a collaborative approach.

The minutes of the Board meeting will be published on our website once they have been formally adopted by the Board at their next meeting.

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​FSS Board Meeting - 15 June 2015

The members of FSS are informally known as ‘the Board’ and are appointed by Scottish Minsters, through an open, public process. The Board provides FSS with strategic direction, oversight and governance.