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2016 Annual Report on UK Multi-Annual National Control Plan

Food Standards Scotland and partner organisations have today published the annual report on the progress of the UK Multi-Annual National Control Plan (MANCP) which shows satisfactory levels of compliance in delivering official controls and enforcement activities against expectations.

The UK MANCP details how different authorities and organisations ensure the UK deliver effective measures to protect the public, animal and plant health, and promote animal welfare.

The plan has been produced by the Food Standards Agency and the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) with:

  • Food Standards Scotland
  • Defra agencies
  • Department of Health
  • Health and Safety Executive’s Chemicals Regulation Directorate
  • Scottish Government Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities
  • Welsh Government Natural Resources
  • Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland

It is a requirement for each EU Member State to produce an annual report detailing progress made each year.