Information Request for a Food Standards Scotland’s Member of Staff


Your requests were about the following information:

Request 1

‘This is exactly what I was looking for and does not seem possible. I want to know who wrote the email claiming the name of a mushroom farm called Memory Mushrooms was a health claim. There are 13 products (were) and 6 types of oyster mushrooms. Over 100kg of the highest quality king oyster, pink oyster, yellow oyster and blue oyster were destroyed because of you. No health code Memory claims have anything to do with any of these mushrooms. FSS did not even contact me for information. Was the person who wrote that damning email that shut down my business Food Standarads Scotland's staff member?? I want confirmation on this. I also want an explanation as to why he phoned me to ask me to email me and the recording was garbled and I have repeatedly asked for the email he gave me to be sent in writing so I can reply. Why has this not been done??? Also were you involved in the search warrant and what seems like an illegal search warrant of my premises. I want to know exactly who from the FSS entered my property.’

Request 2

‘I want to know who from the FSS was involved in the search warrant of my premises yesterday'


In Food Standards Scotland we are unable to give out personal information (including individual’s email addresses and phone numbers) for any of our staff. As explained in previous communication with you, Section 38(1)b (Personal Information) FOISA applies to the content. 

You provided additional context to your request over the phone and in your recent requests for information under FOISA. We have addressed your concerns in previous communication with you. Food Standards Scotland had no involvement in any search warrant related to your premises, and no staff of our organisation entered your property.

Any further correspondence with Food Standards Scotland can only be done via the FSS Openness Mailbox (