Information Request for Communication between Food Standards Scotland and Falkirk Council in Relation to Memory Mushrooms Ltd Farm


Your request was about the following information:

'You have an employee who randomly shut down my farm based on the name being called Memory Mushrooms ltd. Food Standards Scotland's staff member did not bother to contact me before preventing me from trading two days before my first harvest and I had to dispose of the entire crop since all of out packaging had the company name on it. I have lost my business due to his reckless decision and I want all communications made between Food Standards Scotland's staff member and the Falkirk council, emails, phone calls, everything that led to this disastrous decision that robbed me of my livlihood and has now left me deeply in debt.’


While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance Food Standards Scotland does not hold the information you have requested. Attached you can find the only communication between Food Standards Scotland and Falkirk council in relation to your request. Section 38(1)(b) (Personal information) FOISA applies to the content.