Market It

Market It

Learning about the role of brands and how they are used to market food.

50-60 mins x 2 sessions

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

  • HWB 3-34a - Having explored a range of issues which may affect food choice, I can discuss how this could impact on the individual’s health.

  • HWB 4-37a - By investigating different influences on the consumer, I can discuss how consumers can be influenced by external sources.

Learning intentions / Success criteria

  • We are learning to identify different food branding.
  • We are learning the role of advertising/branding in influencing food purchasing.
  • I can explain the role of food advertising and how it works.
  • I can explain the role of media and how food is sold.


Use the Internet to research:

  • selection of food brand logos
  • YouTube clips of food advertisements
  • examples of UK and global advertising.

Assessment opportunities

  • Questioning
  • Observations
  • Label design for healthy food product and target audience.
  • Evidence of different food advertising.

Consider CfE Benchmarks, for example:

  • Explains factors that could influence choice of food, for example, media.
  • Identifies and explains different influences on consumer choice, for example, the environment., social justice, food security.

Cross-curricular links

Information technology – online search

Modern languages – global advertising

Music – advertising campaign radio jingle

Art – food labelling and advertising campaign


Warm up

Brand logo quiz with class

  1. Teacher presents a range of food brand logos or students research them.
  2. Pupils have to identify and split into groups e.g. fast food, fruit, meat, snacks.

Discuss results of brand logo sorting

  • The role of brands in food and whether they can recognise the brands presented to them and who they try and sell to.
  • Introduce the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), and rules around food, drink and supplements and explain their role in food in the UK – the website shows how adverts on food, drink and supplements have to be in line with the advertising rules, and gives examples of previous ASA rulings in this area.
  • Show YouTube clips of food advertising and discuss who the advert is targeted at, what the advert uses – e.g. celebrity endorsement, stylish graphics, music etc.

Online research

  • Online search for promotions and celebrity endorsements of food.
  • Ask pupils to do a comparison between UK food companies advertising compared to global to see if there are any differences.
  • Discuss results.


  • Design and make a label for a healthy food product – pupils to identify the key selling points of the food that would make young people want to buy it.
  • Pupils choose one advertisement they have found online and explain how they try and sell the food to people, identify which target groups they are trying to sell to and why they have placed it where they have.



Focus more on recognising food brand logos and the type of food they sell.


Design an advertising campaign for a healthy food product, including TV ad, poster, digital ad, radio jingle.

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