Four Seasons

Four Seasons

Pupils explore the seasonality of foods and plan, prepare and cook a healthy meal using food currently in season.

This activity requires food cards. Contact us to find out more about how to get food cards for your school.

Food card activity
30-40 mins x 2 sessions
  • HWB 3-30a - By taking part in practical food activities and taking account of current healthy eating advice, I can prepare healthy foods to meet identified needs.

  • HWB 3-34a - Having explored a range of issues which may affect food choice, I can discuss how this could impact on the individual’s health.

  • HWB 3-15a - I am developing my understanding of the human body and can use this knowledge to maintain and improve my wellbeing and health.

  • Show an understanding of seasonality and its impact on consumers.
  • Suggest balanced meals taking account of seasonality.


**If your school does not have a set of Food Cards, please request them from us at

Setting up

  • Prepare pupil sheets
  • Gather resources for pupils to make seasonality charts

Cross-curricular links

Technologies – ICT to enhance learning

Assessment opportunities

DO – In making the seasonality chart, do pupils place foods in correct seasons?

DO – Do posters show an understanding of the benefits of eating in season?

MAKE – Does the meal make use of food in season?

Consider CfE Bencharks, for example:

  • Explain factors that could influence choice of food, for example media, poverty, peer pressure, seasonality...


  • Explain to pupils the idea of 'seasonality' – a term to describe when certain foods are harvested and at their best flavour.
  • Pupils research or use the backs of the given food cards to fill in the seasons pupil sheet, listing foods that are in season in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.
  • Discuss with pupils why food can be better if it is eaten 'in season' locally – better flavour, freshness, reduced pollution coming from transporting foods from around the world, supporting local economy.
  • Produce seasonality chart incorporated into a poster encouraging the eating of seasonal foods for display in local supermarket – if class has access to computers, pupils could use appropriate software to produce seasonality chart for the poster.
  • Pupils are then challenged to plan, prepare and cook a healthy meal using food currently in season.



Pupils can be given recipes for meals which contain foods that are in season.


Internet/library research to add foods to the Seasons sheet that are not included in the food cards.