Local Authority Guidance on Non-EU country exports certification

Local Authority Guidance

Local Authorities have authority to sign export certificates to companies who wish to export certain food products to countries outside the EU.  Local Authorities mainly sign certificates for fish and shellfish products but also certify a wide range of other products, including foods not of animal origin. Export certification is usually required by non-EU countries to provide assurance that exported food and feed complies with their import requirements and has passed through an official export route from the country of origin.

Individual non-EU countries may have specific requirements in terms of the types of documentation and attestations required to accept imports from the UK, and these may differ from country to country, from product to product, or over time due to procedural, political or scientific development.  While this makes the production of specific and detailed guidance difficult, there are some common principles and clear standards that normally apply and this guidance will help to ensure a consistent approach.

This document is intended to clarify the role of Local Authorities in the export certification process and aims to provide guidance that ensures a consistent and efficient approach across Local Authorities.

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Guidance for Local Authorities on Non-EU country exports certification

Local Authorities may sign export certificates for certain food products to countries outside the EU.