Our values

Our values underpin everythign we do to achieve our vision for Scotland’s food environment

We will deliver our strategy through the following set of values and guiding principles. These will underpin the approaches we will take to attain our mission and achieve our outcomes and vision for Scotland’s food environment.

Consumer focussed

  • Keep public health and consumer protection at the heart of what we do
  • Ensure our actions are targeted, recognising the diversity of people in Scotland and taking account of health inequalities

Based on evidence

  • Ensure our work is underpinned by robust science and data 
  • Maintain an understanding of the issues that matter most to to consumers in Scotland 

Fair and proportionate 

  • Protect public health and support economic growth – promote compliance by regulating fairly, firmly and proportionately
  •  Establish trust, ensuring regulatory objectives are transparent and our actions are consistent and timely


  • Preserve our independence, working at arms length from government and industry
  • Influence UK policy development through robust risk analysis, recommending decisions which are in the best interests of consumers in Scotland

Inclusive and open

  • Respect the rights of every individual, organisation and business to have a say in the matters that affect them, and work collaboratively to achieve the greatest benefit for the people of Scotland
  • Ensure transparency in our decision making, advice and recommendations, by publishing our evidence base and enabling those impacted to understand the issues