Audit and monitoring

To be effective, food safety needs to be monitored throughout the food chain. We audit Local Authorities, Contractors or partners delivering Official Controls to ensure good practice and we conduct audits in Approved meat premises. This page covers:

Local Authority Audit

Food Standards Scotland audits Local Authority food and feed enforcement activities and publishes reports of our findings.

Local Authorities are generally audited against either the Food Law Code of Practice (Scotland) 2015 or the Feed Law Code of Practice (Scotland) 2016 

These documents or other appropriate feed/food law set out the minimum standards of performance required from Local Authorities across the full range of their feed and food law enforcement activities.

All Local Authorities across the UK are subject to the audit process with the FSA in England, Wales and Northern Ireland co-ordinating their own audit programme.

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Audit reports

You can search or browse our audits of local authorities in Scotland.

For Local Authority audits in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, please visit [external site].

Scottish local authorities carry out food sampling, as part of their enforcement of food law, with the samples being submitted to appointed Public Analysts or Food Examiners for analysis. The sampling and analysis of foods is an important element in food safety enforcement and is seen as a valuable tool for food enforcement staff to secure and improve standards throughout the food industry.

Effective sampling plans are important components of each local authority’s food safety enforcement toolkit. Local authorities should continue to operate sampling plans which mirror the profile of their premises and which support authorised officers during their routine food safety and food standards inspections. The Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee has developed Effective Food Sampling Guidance for Local Authorities.

We support local authority food sampling, to ensure the safety of Scotland’s food supply. Food Standards Scotland provides funding to bolster existing local authorities’ sampling budgets to undertake sampling in accordance with UK and Scottish sampling priorities which are based on intelligence gathered from both the UKFSS database and from previous sampling programmes as well as emerging issued identified through incident investigations.

Local Authority Enforcement Monitoring System

LAEMS (Local Authority Enforcement Monitoring System) is a web-based system we use to stay aware of local authority food law enforcement activities.

You can read more about LAEMS at

Audit of meat establishments

Food Standards Scotland carries out routine audits of approved meat establishments (that is slaughterhouses, cutting plants and game handling establishments) under veterinary control in Scotland.

These audits aim to ensure that food business operators are complying with food law requirements and to ensure that food businesses operating a slaughterhouse are complying with relevant standards of animal health and welfare

The audit frequency is determined by the categorisation of any non-compliance identified and in the level of permanent supervision within the plant by Food Standards Scotland staff.

Audits and follow-up audits are carried out on an announced basis, with unannounced inspections also taking place in between scheduled inspections in cutting plants.

Food Standards Scotland has a dedicated in-house team of trained veterinary auditors carrying out these audits in Scotland.

Food business operators may appeal audit findings via a two stage process. They have up to 14 days to appeal an audit at the stage 1 appeals process following receipt of an audit report and 7 days should they disagree with the FSS investigating officers decision and wish to appeal at stage 2 which is investigated by an independent investigator. FBOs can only request a stage 2 appeal following two successive audits which have been appealed at stage 1 and the FBO is not satisfied with the outcome. Only the second successive audit qualifies for a stage 2 appeal review. Food Standards Scotland won’t publish an audit report on the website before the appeal window period has passed. Published reports will not contain potentially sensitive information such as personal details of staff and detailed technical information.

To request for a review of the full audit of food business operators, click here.

Audits of meat establishments are carried out across the UK to an agreed common standard. The FSA carries out audits for England and Wales with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development performing this function for the FSA in Northern Ireland.

Audit reports

The most recent audits for FSS approved meat establishments in Scotland are published at the links below. These are as issued to the food business operator, but we have taken out potentially sensitive information (such as personal details) and detailed technical information. We have listed establishments by their approval number.

We update the audit reports on the FSS website regularly. This means we replace establishments’ audit reports with the most recent audit reports and the frequency we do this for an individual establishment depends on how often that establishment is inspected during the year.



We offer advice, support materials and funding for inspection and funding programmes throughout Scotland.

Food sampling resources

We support local authority food sampling, to ensure the safety of Scotland’s food supply.

You can find out more about food sampling resources at

Food laboratories

The UK National Reference Laboratories are responsible for setting up EU-wide standards for routine procedure. Full details, along with information on the UK’s official food control laboratories, can be found on

Other Audit programmes

Food Standards Scotland work with other organisations to deliver official controls. These areas of work are also periodically audited.

2012 Audits:

Audit of the Delivery of Primary Production of Food and Feed Official Controls - Scottish Government: Directorate for Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities: Rural Payments and Inspections Division - Dec 2012 - Closed

2014 Audits:

Audit of the Delivery of Official Controls for the Sampling of Shellfish - HallMark Meat Hygiene Ltd - June 2014 - Closed

Audit of the Delivery of Official Controls for the Sampling of Shellfish - Operations (Scotland) - June 2014

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