Food Safety & Standards

Our Food Safety and Standards pages cover all of our advice and guidance for business, Local Authority enforcement officers and consumers.

Our primary concerns here are consumer protection – making sure that food is safe to eat and ensuring consumers know what they are eating.

Regulation & Enforcement

Working with local authorities, we make sure food and feed laws on everything from production to packaging are enforced fairly and impartially. In this section, you can find information on the Food and Feed Law Codes of Practice and the Scottish Food and Feed Law Guide.

Our regulation and enforcement of food and feed law in Scotland also covers audit of Local Authorities and audit of Approved meat premises. Food Standards Scotland has around 70 staff based in Approved meat premises around Scotland. Information on the work they undertake can be found here.

This section also includes information on Importing and Exporting food, along with information on how Food Standards Scotland tackles food fraud. You can search for your Local Authority on these pages.

Avoiding cross contamination

For more information, please visit [external site] for cross-contamination guidance. Although E.coli is the key focus of this guidance, the measures outlined will also help in the control of other bacteria, such as campylobacter and salmonella.

If you have any specific enquiries relating to the cross contamination guidance, please contact us at;

Food and feed incidents

Our Incidents section covers everything you need for reporting a food incident. Here, you can keep up-to-date with the latest Food and Allergy alerts and food product withdrawals, across the UK.

Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illness affects a large number of consumers in Scotland each year. This section outlines our key priorities in protecting consumers in Scotland from infectious intestinal disease and other illnesses arising from the consumption of food.


We carry out enforcement and monitoring to protect people from chemicals that might transfer onto food from materials they’ve been in contact with.

Business and industry

Our business and industry section covers everything the Primary Producers, Manufacturers, Caterers and Retailers need to know to keep food safe and ensure consumers know what they are eating. There are sections on Animal Feed, Shellfish and Wine Standards.

Food safety and hygiene

In this section, consumers and others can find the information they need for keeping food safe from buying it, through storing, preparing, cooking and eating it!


Businesses can get the information they need to correctly label foods and consumers can find out more about the labels on they foods they choose. You can also read more on the additives and E numbers in the foods you buy.

Food Allergy

In our food allergy section, you can get information on types of food allergy and how to check the labels for the presence of allergens.