Eating Healthily

Eating healthily means eating the right amounts of fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, protein and dairy. It also means cutting down on fats (especially saturated fat), salt and sugars. In this section, you can find:

Tips for healthy eating

Information on eating a healthy diet, ideas for healthy meals, and advice on eating out and eating healthily on a budget.

Our tips cover everything from getting the right amount of healthy food and cutting down on fat, salt and sugar to keeping yourself hydrated and staying active.

Eating a healthy diet

In this section you’ll find information on different food groups – fruit and veg, starchy foods, milk and dairy, fish and shellfish, eggs and pulses, meat and drinks.

Fats, salt and sugars

Find out about the different types of fats and sugars, and how to reduce the amounts of the less healthy ones in your diet. This section also tells you all about salt – how much we should consume and how to cut down if you’re eating too much.

Vitamins & minerals

What vitamins and minerals are, why we need them, and in which foods we can find them in.