FSS Director of Operations, Ian McWatt Statement on Animal Welfare Breaches

18 April 2017

“Food Standards Scotland takes animal welfare extremely seriously and actively monitors compliance in all approved slaughterhouses in Scotland. All animal welfare breaches that occur within approved slaughterhouses in Scotland are investigated as a priority and action is taken by qualified official veterinary personnel working on behalf of Food Standards Scotland, who are on site during slaughter.

“We take proportionate action in relation to animal welfare breaches, which range from verbal advice, enforcement letters, welfare enforcement notices to investigations with a view to providing reports to the Procurator Fiscal, and if required the suspension or revocation of slaughterer’s Certificate of Competence.

“A number of cases are currently under investigation and reports are being prepared for referral to the Procurator Fiscal. Animal welfare breaches that relate to transport or originating on farm are reported to the relevant enforcement authorities (Local Authority Trading Standards or the Animal and Plant Health Agency) for further investigation.

“Food Standards Scotland delivers animal welfare controls at slaughter on behalf of Scottish Government and we provide them with regular updates.”

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