Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) share objective of reducing obesity

17 May 2017

Speaking after Professor Linda Bauld of CRUK had given a presentation to the Board of FSS its Chair Ross Finnie said:


"Obesity is one of the most serious problems we face in Scotland.  That is why we agreed today that working in partnership with CRUK can only help accelerate progress to tackle Scotland’s poor diet and its links to serious illnesses such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and diet-related cancers.


"Food Standards Scotland welcomes the support from CRUK in developing its policies on regulation of promotions, promotion of healthier options, a reduction in portion sizes and more effort from the out of home sector to increase the availability of healthier options and provide clear calorie information for consumers.


"Food Standards Scotland’s proposals for regulatory and fiscal measures including a sugar tax across other food and drink helps create a level playing field for industry and are necessary steps, alongside other measures, to ensure people have access to healthier options.  Without it, we face the very real prospect of increasing diet-related ill health, including cancer-related diseases, which place unsustainable burdens on the NHS and our economy.”

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