Advice To Consumers Regarding Certain Raw Venison Products

05 October 2015

Epidemiological investigations led by Health Protection Scotland and Scottish Health Boards into an outbreak of E coli O157 have pointed to a link with certain raw venison products produced by a company called Highland Game with use-by dates from 4th September 2015 to 1 October 2015.

As these use-by dates have passed, products will no longer be on sale, but consumers may have products in their freezers at home. These products should not present a risk to health if they are handled and cooked properly. For advice on handling and cooking of meat and meat products, please refer to the FSS website.


If however, consumers still have concerns, they should contact Highland Game directly, or contact the retailer where they purchased the product.  

Use-by dates in the range 4 September – 28 September 2015 for the sausages, meatballs and grillsteaks, and 4  September to 1 October for venison steaks.


Scottish Slimmers venison sausages

Scottish Slimmers venison meatballs


Venison steaks with pepper sauce


Food Standards Scotland are working closely with Highland Game, who have confirmed that they have taken immediate precautionary action.



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