Healthy Eating Tutorial

Welcome to Food Standards Scotland online healthy eating tutorial

This tutorial is primarily aimed at those with no background in nutrition but who may give healthy eating messages to others as part of their job e.g. those working in health, education, the community, local authority, retail, catering and food manufacturing. The tutorial may also be of interest to consumers who want to learn more about healthy eating.

How the Healthy Eating Tutorial works

By the end of the tutorial, you’ll know what a healthy diet looks like, why it’s important, and what help is available to achieve it. There is also an optional assessment module and provided you pass you will receive a certificate. 

  • The tutorial contains 3 modules. Each module will take around 30 minutes to complete.
  • Once you’ve worked through the modules, you can take the assessment – get 80% or more to receive your certificate.
  • You can work through the modules and assessment when it suits you. Once you’ve registered, you can save your progress at any point.

The tutorial has been developed by Food Standards Scotland in collaboration with NHS Health Scotland.

Module 1

Why is a healthy diet important?

Eating a healthy diet is just as important for health as being active, not smoking, and limiting consumption of alcohol.

Module 2

What does a healthy diet look like?

A healthy diet means eating lots of fruit, vegetables and starchy foods, protein and dairy foods (or dairy alternatives).

Module 3

What help is available to achieve a healthy diet?

There are many things which can help us make healthier choices. This module focusses on the help available to achieve a healthy diet.

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