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FAFA-04-2016 Eat & Go Co.Ltd.

Heads of Environmental Health Services wish to take notice that Eat & Go Co. Ltd., Unit 1 Midfield Road, Mitchelston Industrial Estate, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 3NL is producing and selling products with a shelf life which has been extended beyond the validated shelf life. The company undertook a voluntary product recall on 10/12/16 following inspection by Fife Local Authority, where it was discovered that the shelf life was being extended. A Remedial Action Notice (RAN) was served on the company to restrict the shelf life of the products, however further products were found on sale 12/12/16 with the shelf life extended, therefore, breaching the RAN in place. It is believed that customers are limited to Fife, Edinburgh and Dundee, however, distribution and product traceability cannot be verified.

Identification of the products:

Type of Products: Various items, including Scotch pies, curry pies, steak pies, sausage rolls, steak bridies, mince bridies, mixed vegetable pies, Cornish pasties; various sandwiches, with fillings including chicken mayo, egg mayonnaise, tuna mayonnaise, ham & cheese; broccoli & lentil slice, chilli bean slice, tuna pasta salad, pasta bake and cheese burger.  There may be other similar types of product similar to the items listed above.

Manufacturer: Eat & Go Co. Ltd. 

Brand Name: SoloSnack / Eat & Go

Batch Code/s: all batches / all date codes

Description of Packaging: examples of packaging can be found below

Pack Size: all pack sizes

Durability Date/s or Code/s: all dates codes

Advice to consumers:

If you have bought this product, do not consume it. 

Actions to be taken by enforcement authorities:

Despite investigations by the enforcement authority, it has not been possible to obtain the full distribution details or product traceability records for the products. 

Local Authorities are requested to identify food businesses which are known or likely  to stock products subject to this FAFA and to take steps to ensure they are withdrawn from sale.  Local Authorities should ensure that this withdrawal is effective and that the products to which it applies are not placed on the market, if necessary using powers available to them under the Food Safety Act 1990, the General Food Regulations 2004, and the Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006.

Examples of Packaging (full range of product labels not available):












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