Online incidents reporting

Use this form to report a food incident. Clicking submit will send a copy of the form to our incidents team and to the email address you have provided us with in the form.

You can also download a copy of the form.

Telephone 01224 288389 during business hours and 07881 516867 outside business hours.


Reporting Food Authority’s
Reporting Officer
Received from
e.g. Microbiological, chemical, physical
Description of product
Details (type of illness, , symptoms, numbers of consumers affected, stool samples submitted? etc.)
(including EU and Third Countries) e.g. quantities and areas, and when the particular product and or batch in question was first placed on the market
Other relevant contact details
e.g. home and/or originating authority/CPHM/HPS/other
For example, have samples been taken for examination or analysis, or detention notices served, or food seized? Please fax any laboratory reports or detention notices etc to FSS with this form, or as s…
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