Shellfish biotoxin risks - Stakeholder workshop

June 2015

On Thursday 14 May 2015, Food Standards Scotland hosted a workshop to review the controls undertaken by the shellfish industry to manage the risks associated with marine biotoxins.

The main aim of the workshop was to seek stakeholder’s views on the traffic light guidance which was developed by the Food Standards Agency in Scotland (FSAS) in 2014 in collaboration with the Scottish shellfish industry and local authorities. Following the implementation of the guidance in April 2014, FSAS committed to undertake a formal evaluation of the guidance one year on, and assess its impact on the management of biotoxin risks during a full biotoxin season.

FSS is planning to hold another biotoxin workshop, aimed specifically at growers and harvesters in the coastal location in west of Scotland in autumn this year.

Download the final workshop report

Papers and presentations

  1. Agenda - Shellfish toxin workshop
  2. FSS Toxin Workshop- a year on
  3. FSS/Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group Update
  4. Highland Council Environmental Health Biotoxin seminar
  5. Review of field methods for marine biotoxins
  6. Assessment of Commercial Rapid Test Methods for Marine Biotoxins
  7. Evaluation of FSS traffic light toxin guidance

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