Science & research

Our Science Evidence and Information Vision

“ We will use science, evidence and information to develop, challenge and evaluate our policies, to tackle risk and promote opportunity in food safety, food standards and diet and nutrition both today and tomorrow.”

Our Science  Evidence and Information Strategy

Our Science, Evidence and Information (SEI) strategy  will help us deliver our six strategic outcomes, to inform how we manage public health risks, help identify opportunities to improve both our diet and food standards, to ensure that our policy decisions allow consumers to make informed choices.

Our SEI strategy is a working document for FSS staff. The working strategy shows how we operate to support our strategic vision and corporate priorities. The SEI strategy links, our organisation, our staff and our three SEI themes with actions.

Governance of our Science, Evidence and Information

Our science and evidence and information governance statement will help to ensure that our staff are transparent in how we deal with uncertainty in our SEI and will support risk management. 

Our science and evidence checklist will help us, at the beginning of any new project, to consider the appropriate use of SEI that we plan to collect e.g.  what will it achieve and how will it be communicated. The checklist also deals with the application of SEI to risk assessment, using robust and appropriate SEI and consideration of the different sources of evidence.