Advice and information on the recent E.coli outbreak

On this page you can find links to all consumer advice, scientific risk assessments, press releases and updates from Food Standards Scotland regarding the recent E.coli outbreak linked to Dunsyre Blue cheese from Errington Cheese Ltd. 

Press statements

29 March 2017: Food Standards Scotland statement on the release of the Dunsyre Blue E. coli O157 Incident Management Team report

23 March 2017: Statement on re-commencement of production by Errington Cheese Ltd

11 February 2017: Food Standards Scotland advice to consumers regarding products from Errington Cheese Ltd

10 November 2016: Food Standards Scotland statement regarding the continued withdrawal of products from Errington Cheese Ltd

08 September 2016: Errington Cheese Ltd instigates precautionary recall of Batch E24 of Dunsyre Blue Cheese

06 September 2016: Statement from Food Standards Scotland regarding the recent E. coli O157 Outbreak

29 July 2016: Advice To Consumers Regarding Certain Blue Cheese Products

29 July 2016: Errington Cheese Company Instigates Precautionary Recall Dunsyre Blue Cheese As It May Contain E. Coli O157

Food Alert for Action

04 April 2017: Update on products produced by Errington Cheese Ltd

09 November 2016: FAFA-02-2016 (Update 3) - Errington Cheese Ltd

Risk assessments and risk management decisions