Nutrition & Healthy Eating

We are working to improve Scotland’s diet.

It is important that we improve the Scottish diet. The majority of the Scottish population is overweight with over a quarter classified as obese.

The Scottish diet contains too many calories and too much fat, salt and sugar.

This excess contributes to high levels of obesity and diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

Food Standards Scotland has an important role in helping the population to meet the Scottish Dietary Goals, reduce diet related health inequalities and so reduce the burden of dietary related diseases in Scotland.

In this section of the site, you can explore how we are encouraging business to support healthier choices, as well providing healthy eating advice for consumers.

Food Standards Scotland has a leadership role in diet and nutrition, focussing on:

a. Creating an authoritative primary source of evidence-based diet and nutrition advice for Ministers, delivery partners and consumers about diets conducive to good health to support the Scottish Dietary Goals;

b. Providing a strategic co-ordination of diet and nutrition research and surveillance, through partnership working, to help ensure the effective use and application of resources. To advise on, publicise and develop policy in respect of the Scottish diet;

c. Providing the guidance and expertise necessary to ensure coherent and aligned delivery of dietary health improvement;

d. Advising Ministers, making recommendations, where appropriate, on actions that improve dietary health.

You can read the full statement of our diet & nutrition remit.


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