Ideas and advice on changing your snacking habits

Here you can explore how people across Scotland have been dropping snacks, swapping them for healthier options, and sharing their experiences with friends and family. 

Drop it - breaking snack habits

Whether you decide to go ‘cold turkey’ or start off more gradually, find a way to cut out unhealthy treats that suits you and your family with our wide range of tips and advice.

Swap it - better snacking

You don’t have to give up on taste or treats to snack healthily. Here are some delicious snack swaps to keep you and your kids going between meals.

Swap it - treats and rewards

Why do we treat ourselves and our kids with things that could be bad for us? Here’s a bunch of ideas for treats and rewards to make everyone feel good, inside and out. 

Share it - changing our diet together 

Changing habits can be tough, but knowing you’re not alone can really help. Sharing tips, advice and experiences will help us build a healthier future together.  

More info – resources and links

There’s plenty more information, resources and advice out there to help you and your family snack more healthily. Here are some of our favourites, from recipes to diet-tracking apps and everything in between.