Update on products produced by Errington Cheese Ltd

03 April 2017

Heads of Environmental Health Services will wish to be aware of this update to Food Alert for Action (FAFA) 02-2016 update 3 issued on 9 November 2016 concerning the recall of all products produced by Errington Cheese Ltd (ECL). 

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) understands that cheese products covered by the FAFA issued in September 2016, and revised in November 2016 have either been destroyed or seized to protect public health. However, FSS is unable to verify this and as a result products produced by ECL and marketed prior to 15th September 2016 remain subject to the FAFA issued on 9 November 2016.  For the avoidance of doubt, any product produced by ECL after 15th September 2016 is not subject to the FAFA.

South Lanarkshire Council (SLC), as the competent authority for ECL has provided assurances to FSS that ECL has now revised its food safety management systems (FSMS) with regard to the production and sale of new cheese products. SLC has confirmed that it is satisfied with ECL’s revised FSMS and has given approval to ECL to produce and sell new cheese products.

The new season Lanark Blue cheese being placed on the market has been produced under this revised FSMS and will have an earliest use by date of 16th May 2017.   FSS also understands that ECL intends to market Sir Lancelot cheese from week commencing 27/03/2017.  FSS has no information about any other types of cheese produced under the revised FSMS or when they may be placed on the market. 

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