Public attitudes towards food tracking study results published

30 July 2015

The results from Food Standards Scotland and the Food Standards Agency Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker for May 2015 have been published. Wave 10 of the tracking study shows that:

  • For the first time, the price of food (42%) is not the most common wider food issue of concern. Instead these were: the amount of sugar in food (51%) and food waste (49%).

  • Of food safety issues reported, food hygiene when eating out remains the most frequently mentioned (37%)

  • 83% of respondents reported being aware of the hygiene standards in places they eat out at or buy food from.

  • Awareness of Food Standards Scotland, which became operational on 1 April, was reported by 71% of Scottish respondents

Fieldwork for this wave took place in May 2015 and a representative sample of 2,640 adults in the UK was interviewed via the TNS consumer face-to-face omnibus survey. This is the tenth wave of the biannual tracker which started in November 2010.

The link to the results can be found at:



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