New Codes of Practice published

14 April 2015

Scottish Ministers have approved the 2015 Feed and Food Law Codes of Practice (Scotland). The Codes have been updated to reflect the creation of Food Standards Scotland: there is no change to any technical content within the Code. The previous Code was relevant to the Food Standards Agency in Scotland, with no statutory effect after 1st April, once Food Standards Scotland came into being.

Across Scotland, local authorities are responsible for the delivery of official feed and food controls in establishments which deal with certain food products of animal origin and animal feed. Direction on the approach that local authorities should take is set out in the Feed and Food Law Codes of Practice. The Codes are in place to ensure that intervention and enforcement action taken by local authority officers is effective, consistent and proportionate. The Codes of Practice periodically require systematic revision to ensure that they reflect current policy on enforcement and economic circumstances.

See the Food Law Code of Practice (Scotland) 2015

See the Feed Law Code of Practice (Scotland) 2015

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