A Foodborne Illness Strategy for Scotland Consultation

16 June 2016

Foodborne illness remains an important public health problem for Scotland, and results in disruption to the workforce and burdens on health services which can impact the Scottish economy. We are therefore consulting on a draft of our proposal for a new Foodborne Illness Strategy for Scotland which sets out the approach we think is needed over the next five years to protect the safety of foods produced and sold in Scotland, and reduce the risks of foodborne illness to the Scottish population.

We are keen to ensure that the development of our strategy takes the views of consumers and stakeholders into account, and would welcome your comments. If you’d like to provide feedback, make suggestions on how we could improve these proposals, or let us know whether you think we need to take a different approach, you can follow the link to the consultation below.

Complete the consultation

The deadline for responses is midnight on the 23 August 2016.

Who will this consultation be of most interest to?

  • All stakeholders, in particular food producers, retailers, consumers, scientists and public health specialists

What is the purpose of this consultation?

  • To seek views on the priorities, approach and objectives of the foodborne illness strategy which Food Standards Scotland (FSS) intends to develop and implement during the lifetime of its Strategy 2016-2021.

  • We are particularly interested in the views of our key stakeholders and members of the public on the overall approach, the priority areas we intend to focus on during the lifetime of the strategy, and appropriate indicators for monitoring impact.

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