Food Standards Scotland invites visitors to learn the facts about food

23 June 2016

Scotland’s food body, Food Standards Scotland (FSS), will be exhibiting again at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 June 2016.

FSS will use the annual event as a platform to promote the Eatwell Guide, which launched this year, to help people in Scotland choose foods in the right proportions for healthy, balanced food choices.

The stand, which is located in the centre of Scotland’s Larder Live Hall, will feature several zoned areas, including a new ‘Shopping Zone’ to demonstrate how to incorporate key elements of the Eatwell Guide into everyday shopping habits. This includes an interactive area with a digital game for visitors to play. The ‘Kitchen Zone’, will host cookery demonstrations using healthy recipes based on the Guide.

Visitors to the stand will also be invited to use a new interactive BBQ that aims to remind al fresco diners how to avoid the risk of becoming ill through eating chicken that hasn’t been prepared or cooked properly.

Recent research shows that there are more than 6,000 reported Campylobactor cases in Scotland each year, with some estimates putting the actual figure at nine times as many due to under-reporting of the illness. And FSS’s ‘Food in Scotland’ Consumer Tracking Survey revealed that 79% of people are concerned about food poisoning. FSS recently launched a ‘Nothing Spoils Summer Like Pink Chicken’ campaign to raise awareness of Campylobacter poisoning attributable to chicken.

FSS Chief Executive, Geoff Ogle, said: “We’re looking forward to being part of this fantastic food and drink festival, which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to Scotland’s capital to celebrate the very best of Scottish produce.

“There’s no doubt that people in Scotland take an active interest in the food they eat and with the massive amount of public information on food coming out on a seemingly daily basis, we understand that knowing how to prepare and eat food safely and healthily can sometimes be confusing. Our recent survey showed over a third (35%) of people in Scotland are confused as to what is supposed to be a healthy diet. 

“The Royal Highland Show is the ideal opportunity to remind people that FSS is here for their protection – making sure that food is safe to eat, ensuring consumers know what they’re eating, and providing consistent healthy eating advice based on robust evidence.”

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