FAFA-02-2016 - Errington Cheese Lanark White

10 September 2016

Heads of Environmental Health Services should be aware that Errington Cheese Ltd. have supplied a batch of Lanark White unpasteurised ewe milk cheese which contains E. coli O157. Although this organism may not carry shiga toxins it is associated with human disease in the UK. This makes the cheese a potential risk to health.


Identification of the product:


Brand Name

Batch Code

Pack Size

Durability Dates

Lanark White


All pack Sizes



These products would have been purchased between:

22nd August 2016 to 10th September 2016.


Advice to consumers:

If you have bought this product, do not consume it. 


Actions (to be) taken by enforcement authorities:

This product is known to be supplied by Errington Cheese Ltd., who are unwilling to take the action to remove this cheese from the market. This cheese has been supplied to wholesalers who in turn supply to retail and catering establishments.  The product is mainly provided to specialist cheese shops, delicatessens, hotels and restaurants.  Local Authorities are requested to identify food businesses who are likely or known to stock this product and to take steps to ensure it is withdrawn from sale and destroyed, if necessary using powers under the Food Safety Act 1990 and Regulation 27 of the Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006.





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