Food and feed law

This page covers information for food and feed law enforcers

This page covers information for food and feed law enforcers:

  • Codes of Practice
  • Food and Feed Law Guide
  • Enforcement letters

Codes of Practice

The Codes of Practice sets out instructions and criteria to which the local authorities (Food and Feed Authorities) should have regard when engaged in the enforcement of food and feed law. Authorities must have regard to the processes and criteria in the Codes when carrying out Official Food Controls.

The Codes reflect current policy on enforcement and economic circumstances to ensure that intervention, and enforcement action taken by officers is effective, consistent and proportionate.

If you have any queries about the Code and/or Practice Guidance please contact

Food Law Code of Practice (Scotland) 2015

Feed Law Code of Practice (Scotland) 2015

Food and feed law guide

Food Standards Scotland maintains a guide to food and feed legislation in Scotland. Food information law and enforcement is covered separately on our Labelling pages.

Enforcement letters

Food Standards Scotland writes to local authority enforcement officers to advise them of changes to food or feed enforcement practices. You can search or browse all Enforcement letters here.

Enforcement letters in 2015

ENF/S/15/001 ENF/STS/15/001

Invitation to apply for Primary Production funding 2015/16

Feb 15


Publication of full address details for all Approved Establishments

Feb 15


Clarification of Policy on Approval of ‘Standalone’ Cold Stores

Feb 15

Resources Information-Gathering Questionnaire

Apr 15
FSS/ENF/15/02 Local Authority Enforcement Monitoring System Return 2014-15 Apr 15
FSS/ENF/15/03 Food Allergy Incident – Recipe based claims on baked products May 15
FSS/ENF/15/04 Invitation to apply for funding to carry out food sampling and analysis during 2015/16. May 15
FSS/ENF/15/05 Unauthorised use of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) as a carrier in some food colour pens (for cake decoration). May 15

Update on formaldehyde authorisation as a feed additive

Jun 15
FSS/ENF/15/006 Erucic acid in mustard oil Jul 15
FSS/ENF/15/007 New enforcement powers for authorised officers and new duty for food business operators to report non-compliance with food information law Aug 15
FSS/ENF/15/008 Establishments Approved for sprouted seeds Aug 15

Quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) in food

Aug 15
FSS/ENF/15/010 Ban On Exports Of Brown Crabs To Hong Kong From Anglesey Aug 15
FSS/ENF/15/11 Cross Contamination Guidance Oct 15
FSS/ENF/15/012 New enforcement powers for authorised officers Nov 15
ENF/15/015 Rare Burgers Dec 15
FSS/ENF/15/016 Analysis of Added Sugars in Honey by NMR Methods Dec 15

FVO Recommendations for approved egg products establishments

Jan 16
FSS/ENF/16/003  (LAEMS) Information and Guidance for 2015/16 Returns             Feb 16

*Please note that enforcement letters sent as Food Standards Scotland have the prefix 'FSS'.

Enforcement letters to local authority environmental health officers prior to 2015 are in The National Archive

Enforcement letters to local authority trading standards officers prior to 2015 are in The National Archive

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