Change of Food Business Operator

If an approved food business changes its food business operator (FBO), the business will need a new approval before it can continue. The new FBO can carry on under the existing approval for up to four weeks, until the new assessment – on the following conditions: 

  • The new FBO applies to us for a new approval within one calendar week of the change.

  • If the FBO doesn’t do this, we will formally notify them that the approval is no longer in force and all approvable activity must stop.

  • To safeguard public health, the new FBO must not make significant changes to the food safety control arrangements or activities being carried out at the premises.

  • FBOs must give us as much notice as possible of a potential change in FBO.

Contact for the re-Approval form.

Planning for a change of FBO

If you know a change is going to happen, we can provide a pre-change advisory assessment to help identify any potential barrier to approval. While it’s not a guarantee of approval, it can be helpful.

FBO changes since 2006

If your established has changed FBO since 2006 without subsequent re-approval, you need to re-apply to us. We’ll carry out an assessment within three weeks of receiving your application.

Contact for the re-Approval form.

Change of food business operator: example scenarios

See for examples of scenarios to help you see what you need to do in applying for Approval.