The subcommittees will be delegated to act on behalf of the main Committee in respect of those matters remitted for their attention and action.

The Standing Sub Committees are delegated to act on behalf of the main Committee in respect of those matters remitted for their attention and / or action.  The Chairperson of each Committee liaises directly with the Chairperson / Honorary Secretary in respect of those items which require the consideration of the main Committee to ensure that appropriate recommendations / reports are brought before the Committee for ratification and further action. 

View the full terms of reference.

Food Safety Subcommittee

The Food Safety Sub-committee coordinates the work of several working groups which, over recent years, have included the Review of the Food Law Code of Practice Annex 5, Approved Establishments, HACCP, Regulatory Reform and Fish/Shellfish hygiene. 

Chair – Andrew Morrison (Aberdeen City Council)

Minute secretary – Angeline Michael (Food Standards Scotland)

Bryan Campbell (Food Standards Scotland)

Craig Smith (West Lothian Council)

Graeme Corner (Highland Council)

Helen Henderson (Clackmannanshire Council)

Paul Birkin (Glasgow City Council)

Food Standards subcommittee

The Food Standards Subcommittee supports SFELC in dealing with new and arising food standards, labelling and compositional issues relating to food enforcement.  Much of this work has involved The Food Information (Scotland) Regulations 2014 (FIR) which enable Regulation EU No.1169/2011 Food Information to Consumers.

Chair – Jane Couper (Tayside Scientific Services)

Minute secretary – Angeline Michael (Food Standards Scotland)

Carolyn Cooper (Glasgow City Council)

Gerry Fallon (South Ayrshire Council)

Grainne Gilson (Food Standards Scotland)

John Bell (Aberdeenshire Council)

Lynda Browning (Health Protection Scotland)

Margaret Gregory (Angus Council)

Paul Bradley (West Lothian Council)

National Food Crime Advisory Group

The key objective of this group is to provide aid to LAs and FSS in order to Divert, Deter, Detect and Disrupt the threat of food crime across Scotland.  It develops preventative and control strategies in relation to food crime and develops intelligence on existing and emerging food crime threats. 

Chair – Derek Oliver (East Lothian Council)

Andrea Carson (Aberdeen City Council)

Andy MacLeod (Argyll & Bute Council)

Andy Morrison (Aberdeen City Council)

Greg Douglas (Dumfries & Galloway Council)

Jane Couper (Dundee Scientific Services)

Jane White (Glasgow Scientific Services)

Karen Gunn (Midlothian Council)

Lorna Starkey (Fife Council)

Martin Keeley (West Dunbartonshire Council)

Paul Birkin (Glasgow City Council)

Ron McNaughton (Food Standards Scotland)

Feedingstuffs Subcommittees

The Feeding Stuffs Sub-committee is primarily focused on the future delivery options for feed in Scotland, as well as earned recognition, officer competency and imports.  The future delivery model is presently under consideration by the FSS Board in liaison with SCOTTS. 

Chair – Maureen McLarty (South Ayrshire Council)


last reviewed 21 March 2018

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The Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) meets to help co-ordinate food law enforcement and sampling & surveillance activities of Scottish local authorities.

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Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) office bearers, and SFELC subcommittee, food liaison group and working group contributors.

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Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee

The Scottish Food Enforcement Liaison Committee (SFELC) co-ordinates food law enforcement, sampling and surveillance activities of Scottish local authorities.

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