Statement from Food Standards Scotland in response to Imperial College London healthy eating study

Geoff Ogle, Chief Executive for Food Standards Scotland said:


The Scottish diet is a continuing concern to Food Standards Scotland (FSS), and should be for all of us. In December 2015, we published a report highlighting that there has been little or no progress, over the past 15-20, years towards meeting our Scottish Dietary Goals, which includes a goal to eat at least “5 a day”. On average we eat just over 3 a day. Our advice to consumers about healthy eating is illustrated by the Eatwell Guide.  The Eatwell Guide gives advice on the diet as a whole and advises that eating a variety of fruit and vegetables every day is essential but also highlights the need to eat plain starchy carbohydrates, some dairy (or alternatives), meat (or alternatives), oil rich fish and pulses to achieve a healthy balanced diet.


In January 2016 the Board of FSS agreed a wide-ranging set of measures designed to make progress towards our Dietary Goals to help tackle obesity and diet-related disease in Scotland. The measures include actions to improve public understanding of diet and health together with measures to address the food environment through tackling advertising, marketing, promotions, portion sizes and formulation of manufactured foods.