FSS concerned that Scotland is missing its 5 a day dietary goal

Geoff Ogle, Chief Executive for Food Standards Scotland said:

Scotland has been missing its dietary goals for 20 years, including a goal to eat at least “5 fruit or vegetables a day”.  On average, in Scotland  we eat just over 3 a day, and our advice to consumers about healthy eating can be found in the Eatwell Guide.  The Eatwell Guide gives advice on the diet as a whole and advises that eating a variety of fruit and vegetables every day is essential but also highlights the need to eat plain starchy carbohydrates, some dairy (or alternatives), meat (or alternatives), oil rich fish and pulses to achieve a healthy balanced diet.

Scotland’s poor diet has both health and potentially economic consequences too so missing our dietary goals is a continuing concern to Food Standards Scotland, and that is why we agreed in our March Board meeting 5 new recommendations* to help improve the Scottish diet, just over a year from setting out recommendations for reducing calories and improving the Scottish diet.


* FSS Recommendations






Industry work stream: we recommend that FSS positively supports the industry forum established in December 2016 and encourages industry to take this work stream forward as a matter of urgency.




Support for SMEs: we recommend that FSS works with the SG to develop proposals, to be included in the forthcoming SG Diet and Obesity Strategy, to support Scottish SMEs to reformulate their products to reduce sugars, calories, fats and salt.




Regulation of promotions: we recommend that the regulation of promotions of HFSS food and drink within premises be taken forward as a priority. This should start with a full assessment of the current legislation (including and beyond food law) to establish the extent to which this could be used to regulate the food environment inside premises.




Development of standards: we recommend that FSS work in partnership to promote, encourage and participate in the development of standards to regulate the food environment in Scotland. In taking this forward we will engage with COSLA.




Development of an OOH strategy: we recommend an overarching OOH strategy for Scotland be developed by FSS, SG and NHS Health Scotland and be considered for inclusion in the forthcoming SG Diet and Obesity Strategy.