Food Standards Scotland response to Cancer Research UK report on World Obesity Day

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) as the food standards body for Scotland, has a key role to provide advice in relation to diet and nutrition, with a particular focus on how we can help people in Scotland have diets that support good health, thereby reducing the impact of diet-related ill health, including conditions related to overweight and obesity such as diabetes and some cancers.

Around a third of children in Scotland are already overweight or obese and if we continue on the same trajectory, 40% of all Scots will be obese by 2030.   This is why one of FSS’s six strategic outcomes is for consumers in Scotland to have healthier diets, and to help meet this outcome we launched a healthy eating campaign which emphasises the potential health consequences of consuming unhealthy snacks and treats, and encourages and provides practical ideas and advice on how to make changes that will benefit children and adults health for the future.

Geoff Ogle, Chief Executive, Food Standards Scotland said:

“FSS fully supports the Scottish Government call for junk food advertising to children to be prohibited prior to the 9pm watershed.

“Our preference would be for a UK wide approach because it makes it easier for consumers, industry and government to work together to take action. 

“The FSS Board recommended a package of measures to Scottish Ministers earlier this year including fiscal measures and regulation around food and drink promotions, including a recommendation to reduce portion sizes and  to introduce tougher targets for reformulation of foods and drinks.  It is reassuring that the Scottish Government are looking at what further effective actions can be taken within their power ”

FSS will be providing an update on its Nutrition Strategy at its open Board meeting to be held in Aberdeen on Wednesday 19 October.